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Kate Lemay's Monthly Club- The Club of Conscious Evolution

Kate Lemay's Monthly Club- The Club of Conscious Evolution

Join the Club of Conscious Evolution (COCE) and receive an original piece of art as well as a sterling silver necklace that matches. When you join the club you will also be invited to join the private Facebook that will explore the topic of the painting of the month. This is FUN SNAIL MAIL! Your engagement in this project means a great deal to me and I hope to you as well. 

We are rolling into DECEMBER 2019 with the painting & matching necklace for Letting Go.

Details about Painting of the Month Club:
This is a 14-month program.
Each month in the mail you will receive a special magical package.
In the package will be tools to help you remember who you really are.

The treats in each gift set are: 
An Original Painting ($40 value)
A Sterling silver necklace that matches the painting ($40 value)
A Mantra Card ($5 value)
A custom letter with some thoughts and questions to play with ($10 value)
Private Facebook Group ($20 value)
You will be supporting your conscious evolution with intention, ease, and grace.
TOTAL VALUE: $115/ month
Price per month (Includes Shipping ONLY $65/ month)

2019 Line Up
January- Red, Root 

February- Orange, Creativity
March- Yellow, Transformation
April- Green, Untangle
May- Blue, Vibration
June- Indigo, Conscious Evolution
July- Violet, Clean the Bowl 
August- Clean the Bowl
September- Wholeness 
October- Indigo, Winged Perceiver
November- Blue, Thought Pop
December- Green, Embracing Letting Go

2020 Line Up
January- Yellow, Stillness
February- Orange, Abundance
March- Red, Safety
April- Red, Path
May- Orange, Flow
June- Yellow, Will
July- Green, Relationship
August- Blue, Communication
September- Indigo, Connected
October-Purple, Rainbow Bridge
November- Purple, Receive 
December- Indigo, Light

 $65/ per month for 14 months, option to renew will be asked at month 12, free shipping if you join now. Includes free community group on Facebook.