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Kate Lemay's Monthly Club- EVOLVE- The Club of Conscious Evolution

Join the Club- EVOLVE- The Art of Conscious Evolution. This is a monthly subscription club and made in the woods of New Hampshire. The inspiration for this club came from the Free Time Project. The Free Time Project is a collection of 49 paintings themed from the ideas and colors of the Chakras. 

The next class to join is in April 2020.

Details about Painting of the Month Club:
This is a 14-month program.
Each month in the mail you will receive a special magical gift.
This gift will be tools to help you remember who you really are.  

The tools in each gift set are: 
An Original Painting
A Sterling silver necklace that matches the painting 
A Mantra Card 
A custom letter with some thoughts and questions to play with
A Private Facebook Group

New for this round- I have added these additional resources to the club:
A monthly group Zoom call 
(2) 1 hour calls with Kate Lemay, one at the beginning and one at the end.
You will be supported by the whole community through your conscious evolution with intention, ease, and grace.

Price per month (Shipping included- $75/ month)

2020 - 2021 EVOLVE
The Current of Liberation (Going from Root to Crown)
Red- Path (April 2020)
Orange- Flow (May 2020)
Yellow- Will (June 2020)
Green- Relationship (July 2020)
Blue- Communication (August 2020)
Indigo- Connected (September 2020)
Violet- Rainbow Bridge (October 2020)

The current of Manifestation (Going from Crown to Root)
Violet- Receive (November 2020)
Indigo- Light (December 2020)
Blue- Om (January 2021)
Green- Healing (February 2021)
Yellow- Power (March 2021)
Orange- Pleasure (April 2021)
Red- Tribe (May 2021)

$75/ per month for 14 months, option to renew will be asked at month 14, free shipping if you join now. 

After you join you will be invited to the private Facebook Group.

If you have any questions about this club, please feel free to contact me at and we can set up a time to connect.