Jan. 12, 2020- Sunday Story: Thank YOU- Coaches, Teachers, Parents, Friends, Healers- You Mattered

This Sunday I am thinking about the theme of being a good leader, mentor, boss, coach, teacher, student, learner and human deciding to consciously evolve on our planet. Cheers to the Mutants! (Here is a link to this joke).

Please watch the video above and then enjoy some additional thoughts below.

I find that making choices when it is hard, is HARD. The reason we struggle when we are struggling is that the struggle is real…or we wouldn’t be struggling.

What makes a great human in your life that helps you make progress on your next step? How do they help you move forward when no way forward seems possible?

I call that still, small voice- yearning to be heard, your impulse of evolution. I learned about this phrase from this amazing woman. She is one of my heroes. She has taught me, more than anyone, that that impulse matters and it needs to be listened to.

You see, I think that most of our depression, anxiety, addiction, and abuse, comes from us not listening to the needs of this impulse of evolution in each of us.

Getting help (a caring human to hold space for your evolution) is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

Think for a moment about all the amazing souls that helped you along your path thus far.

I think about all my teachers and sports coaches. My supervisors and colleagues. My formal mentors and paid coaches. My healers. My husband. My friends. My siblings and parents. My children.

They have all seen a great deal of snot and tears…they still will if I am lucky.

I think my capacity to feel and be vulnerable has always been one of my strengths. I think that if you have seen me like this, you are a great person who has helped me grow.

I don't think I would have always said that. In fact, I was just about to apologize publically for my past and my emotions.

I don’t think I will do that anymore. I think instead I will just thank people for holding space for me. Because it is an honor when I am able to hold space for anyone that needs to cry and have snot come out of their nose in front of me.

I have grown more comfortable with advocating for my needs and I am working out more so I feel stable. When I am scared, when I feel hopeless or backed into a corner or straight out exhausted…that is when “I’m a little unsteady.”

On those days, I am so grateful for the folks that hold my hand and tell me, you are ok, you got this. Go ahead and breakdown. I can handle it.

So today, this week as I celebrate “Spinning into Stillness,” in my Club of Conscious Evolution/ Painting if the Month Club, I thank those that are able to watch me spin and hold space for me to still. I thank those that make sure I KEEP my power when I get a little wobbly.

Mantra for the week: I allow the stillness.

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