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Box Set- 49 Card Deck & Full Color, Hardcover Guidebook & Journal

Box Set- 49 Card Deck & Full Color, Hardcover Guidebook & Journal

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About the Box Set:  The Art of Conscious Evolution- A Journey from Root to Possibility

The box set includes a Hardcover Art Journal & 49 Cards

This is a stunning box set that will delight all your senses. It is a compilation of art, writing, and whimsy. The artwork and writing are based on the spiritual technology of the chakra system and were meticulously produced and curated with love, for you.

The cards and journal make up an oracle deck, you can use it to help clarify and guide you. It is a tool to help you tap in, tune up, and turn on all your gifts and intuition in creating a life beyond your wildest dreams.

The world needs you to give your greatest gifts! This card deck, journal, painting, and four reflective experiences will make each day an enjoyable journey.

Add some art!
The box set has cards that were inspired by original art. You can own one of the original pieces! These are not prints, they are original paintings that were the inspiration for this box set! 

Framed in a modern clip frame, bevel-edged glass front with a masonite back, labeled with the definition of the painting and a small hanging nail. The original painting is signed, dated, and matted in a bright white, archival-grade matte.

In my opinion, these are collector pieces. I declared last year, I will never make any more of these pieces.

They are bright, monochromatic pieces that are made with the highest quality watercolor and acrylic house paints.

If you purchase or were gifted this kit, you are invited to join a private group on Facebook that will help you use the box set in a meaningful way.

Add a necklace!
These are beautiful 1" pendants on a 20" chain. The design of the pendant is inspired by the concepts taught in the deck of cards. Wear art as a way to remember what you are working on. This is a great tool for grounding ideas in your everyday life.

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