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March 1, 2020- Last day of Abundance & the Day #1 Button

This was a great week. Yesterday was Feb. 29th, a Leap Day! Happy Birthday to all those leap year babies. How cool you age differently than the rest of us. So cool. 

Also, it was NH vacation week for school-age children. We opted to stay local. We skied and I had a chance to work on some art. It was nice.

So the thing I am aware of is that when I change my routine, it is easy to fall out of the habits that keep me at my best. Today I talk about how we craft a life that works for us. I think that starts with getting real about how life is going for you at the moment. There are lots of areas to look can pick ones that work for you. Here is an example of some categories. 

I talk about what abundance means to me. It means having space in my life for the things that matter to me. The things that matter to me are derived from my desires and desired feelings. 

Giving myself permission to have core desired feelings and then making space and taking action in the direction that is in integrity with who I want to be in the world... so that each night when my head hits the pillow, I sleep well, knowing I did my best with this day that I had.

This does not mean that I am busy all the time, in fact it is the opposite of that. It means that I am listening to my body. I am listening to that still small voice. I means I am showing up the way I want to show up. 

Thank you for checking out today's story. A tip of the hat to you and your dreams.


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