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Sunday Story: Grounding in HOPE as a strategy for HEALTH.




HOPE is a strategy.
The art of conscious evolution is your journey from root to possibility.

If you are just looking for tools, the first five minutes of this video will hit the spot. Here are some tools I am using these days to ground myself deep, deep, deep, in hope.

1. A Gift from Oprah & Deepak:

2. Mala beads & Japa





3. Use this in combination with the amazing POTMC, Evolve, Club that I help lead.
We are just launching a new round of 14 months now. We are starting in the root, with the word Path.

The rest of the video is a story. The story is from Saturday morning. It starts with a bit of a "discussion" with my husband Bob and ends with me talking about Dan Pallota & the place I work, The YMCA of Greater Boston, and solving BIG BIG BIG our health care, let's say..."A Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit...for all" 
kind of problem...hmmmm...who do I know that this is in their DNA? Oh, right...the YMCA. Our Y, The Y of Greater Boston is committed to putting people first, listen and serving, inspiring hope...for a better us. How would it look for us to go ALL IN one single problem, like SOLVING health of the mind, body, and spirit? By being an amazing partner to work with (education, government, health care, police, and other large & small non-profits), a place that people want to join us to help (volunteers & staff), and we hold a vision that is for the long run...(we take this on for the next 20 years) until it is solved...for our community, Boston...and we can spread and teach as we go to any other city looking to learn.

I'm in.
I'm all in.
Who is with me?

At the end of the video, I whisper a question to you...
Do you hear the whisper?
What does it say?
Where do you see what needs to be fixed?
How are you being called to help?

Lastly, I am here for you. I am doing abundantly well in said times of crisis (most moments, wink, wink) and am here to help if you need anything. 

You can DM (Direct Message Me) on Instagram, @katelemay @artistofconsciousevolution

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Know how to connect this idea to someone or something that can move the needle? Please reach out, or @katelemay

I think outflow is important. It is how we ground what might be. Gina Hatiz's post.

Thank you, Lani, my professional Muse. These were great articles on Medium.
Article inspiring "Where do we want to be?"
Article about the Vegas Nerve.





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