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March 22, 2020- A sunset from camp as I jam about...this time in safety.


Sunday March 22, 2020- Second Sunday in Real World Stillness from Kate Lemay on Vimeo.


Greetings Dear Friends,

Wow. Here we are. Going through a worldwide unified experience of stillness. This is a simple perspective of my tiny world. Please know that my heart only conveys love and gratitude for every sentient being, for our world, our planet, and all that is.

I think my cat Buddy is loving the fact that we are all home all the time. Now there is always someone to let him and in and

I have enjoyed new traditions like sunset walking with my family. Spending time playing board games at night, so far Catan and Farkle have been family favorites. Both games were taught to me by my camp friends, so playing with my kids brings extra joy.

I am meditating more.

I have realized that I NEED STRUCTURE. Yes I today I spent a great deal of time getting back to the plan of the plan. #becausethisgirlneedsstructureinherweek 

I feel so much love to all of the people in my life that have a compromised immune system or any worry because they know someone working in the world right now that continues to work in the world because they have to or want to. Thank you to all the helpers and workers, thank you.

I notice my fights are about how people should not be spending time with bunches of people...I get quick fire in the belly on this one. Welcome to my work.

How are you?

What are you noticing?

What is helping?

What is not helping?

What are you grateful for right now?

What small new traditions or special times are evolving out of this time?

I love you mom & dad if you are reading this.

The real reason I feel for my friend's family is that I love her so much that it feels like my family. I love you all so much. 

Pray for those that need strength and prayer right now. Bring empathy and kindness to those people that are missing major milestones or events because tey can not gather. Give to others in any form you can. Listen and connect when you can. You never know what difference it will make.

Thank you to the people that reached out to me this weekend.

I loved talking with you.

I'll see you next week... the universe, god, source, and time willing.


Things I Love that help me always:
DO Less book & planner
High-Performance Planner

This funny dog video (This one helped today)
My sister's posts
My brother's posts
My friend Christina's Yoga Classes
My friend Dave's Online Recess
The actions and leadership of the YMCA of Greater Boston
Bob, my husband, launched his first to make heart opens so much with the small line in here about having to do this as a small child. This could be helpful in a couple of ways.

Also...I DID finally get my next big paper canvas stretched...this one will be Safety, which is the Painting of the Month in the Club of Conscious Evolution :)



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